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Hearty Thank for considering to share your Research, thoughs, Views and Opinions for Digital Marketing Students. This page contains necessary information that one needs for publishing on our Collaborative Platform.

IDM provides practical and useful information in the areas of Internet and Mobile Education that matters most to Learning Community.

Since Internet and Mobile encompasses numerous specific and niche areas, the preferences, needs, requirements of our Subscribers are Diverse and Varied. Some readers are from design and development field while Others are faculty in educational field. Some are Sales & marketing professionals and SME business owners. The only Thread that holds them together is their Passion and Commitment to Internet & Mobile Technology. They all Live up to our Tag Line of Create…Communicate (share) and Collaborate in creating a great World to Live in irrespective of their Age, Expertise, Background and more so what product or service they are promoting.

What gets Published?

“any article that Delights our Readers!”. Our Subscribers frequent us to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques and also to learn more about well-established methodologies, Tips, Tactics & Straegies.

What we Seek?

Article that You submit must be:

  • About Technology, Business Growth, Marketing, Internet and Mobile related fields
  • Quality Article thats –short and sweet
  • Well-researched and supported by facts, States (reference links)
  • Creativity & Originality – we do not publish copied, spinned or similar content that was already published
  • 300-900 words is Best suited

How to Submit

You can submit your article via e-mail on info [at] digitalmarketing [dot]ac[dot] in Its Recommended that submission to have the following:

  • MS word Format.
  • Photos & screen-shots:(approx 630px wide). We re-size images ourselves.
  • ensure that you sent Owned Images to us
  • Your biography: A short bio with 1 link to be shown in the author bio underneath your article.
  • Gravatar-enabled e-mail address: So that your photograph appears in the author bio. If you do not have one, please head over to Gravatar to register it.

Your Reward !!!

  • Exposure to our site that attracts approximately 36,000 Individuals each month
  • Social media promotion via Twitter , Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and RSS Feed
  • Author Recognition – Your name, biography and photo appear underneath your article and excusive Branding for you on Our website with a Dedicated page to You.
  • 2 day fully paid in Visit to our Annual events ( only for select few)
  • Mentor/Judge/Speaker at our numerous Contests and Events

Our Policy

  • Submission of an article doesn’t guarantee PUBLISHED.
  • We intimate our Authors about the progress and Process stage for publication, we send you the date, Link when its to be published.
  • We Beleive he above information might have cleared something for you,However If you are still unclear or have questions please feel free to Contact Us.