Fashion Design Essentials

Fashion Design Essentials

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This course consists of 24 sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions will cover the following subjects:
  • Evolution of Fashion and the Fashion Industry
  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Color Theories, Systems, Palettes and Schemes
  • Introduction to Fashion Studies
  • Understanding Fashion Culture within a Historical Context
  • Drawing for Fashion
  • Creating a Croquis by Hand and with Computers
  • Identification and Use of Textiles in Contemporary Fashion
  • Forecasting in the Fashion Industry
  • Interpreting and Applying Consumer Research to Fashion Design
  • Fashion Trends
  • Product Development in the Fashion Industry
  • Pattern Making
  • Draping
  • Costing
  • Fashion Lines
This is a studio course. Students will learn by creating their own artworks, applying the techniques taught in the course through the lens of their own creative vision. Each person’s skills will be enhanced by critiques from the instructor as well as inspiration and encouragement from their fellow students.
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