Introduction To Fashion Design

Introduction To Fashion Design

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  • Principles of Art and Design
  • Theory of Colours and Colour Psychology
  • Fashion Studies
  • Elements of Fashion
  • Understanding Fashion Culture within a Historical Context
  • Fashion Illustration/Fashion Drawing
  • Theme and inspiration Interpretation
  • Market Survey/Research
  • Trends and Forecasting
  • Mood Boards and Story Boards
  • Introduction to Textiles
  • Design Developments and Range Planning
  • Presentation Skills
  • Mini Portfolio
  • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
This course will be taught through a series of hands-on projects supplemented with mini-lectures and discussions. You will research classic and modern fashion styles, create your own mood boards and drawings, and solve styling challenges. Hands-on learning will enable you to assimilate and apply the principles of fashion styling with confidence.
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