Luxury Branding

Luxury Branding

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This course consists of 24 sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions will cover the following subjects:
  • Introduction to Luxury Brand Design and Marketing
  • Introduction to the Global Fashion Market
  • Fashion within the Luxury System
  • Luxury and India: Evolution and Change
  • Analysing your Favourite Brand
  • Conceptualization and Execution
  • The Fashion Cycle: Trend Forecasting and Planning for Production
  • The “It” Piece
  • Designing the Retail Model
  • Strategic Marketing – From Atelier to Store to Client
  • The Voice of the Brand – Language, Tone and Visuals
  • The Future of Luxury
  • Technology and Fashion
  • Designing for an Evolving World
This course will be taught through project-based learning. As you create your own luxury brand, you will apply lessons you gain through classroom discussions, mini-lectures, research projects and other learning activities.
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