Personal Finance

Personal Finance

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  • Concept Cruncher: Economic Cycles Demystified
  • Concept Cruncher: Portfolio Approach for Investing, Investing Styles
  • Concept Cruncher: Inflation, Interest Rates, Nominal Interest Rates, Real Interest Rates – Why Should You Care?
  • Concept Cruncher: Compounding and the Time Value of Money
  • Concept Cruncher: Risk and Return Tradeoff, Uncertainty
  • What Exactly is ‘Lifestyle’?
  • The Personal Debt Mountain and the Cautionary Tale of Credit Cards
  • Planning the Golden Years
  • Insurance
  • Investing Discipline
  • Historical Returns on Various Asset Classes
  • Busting the ‘Consumption’ Myth
This course will be taught through a variety of activities including mini-lectures, presentations, and freewheeling debate. The main goal of this course is to enable you to develop a broad financial plan that works for your lifestyle and future financial goals, and to instill saving/investing discipline.
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