Wardrobe Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis

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This program will be taught in 12 sessions of two hours each. Sessions will cover such topics as:
  • The Lifestyle Cycle
  • The Style Book
  • Audit, Edit and Delete: Keeping the Wardrobe Up to Date
  • Body Type Evaluation
  • Organizing Your Closet
  • Dress for Success: the Professional’s Guide to Couture
  • Appropriate Choices for Every Situation
  • Continuity and Change in Your Wardrobe
  • The Style Cluster
  • Choosing Under Pressure
  • Stylish vs. Practical Clothing
  • Dressing with Confidence
This course will be taught through activity-based learning. You will research various styles, evaluate garments through photos and in person, and complete exercises to apply the lessons you are learning.
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