Wedding Planning And Management

Wedding Planning And Management

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This course consists of 24 sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions will cover the following subjects:

  • Need & Role of a Wedding Planner
  • Creativity in Weddings
  • Wedding Cultures
  • Client Meeting-Preparation & Closing
  • Wedding Planning Stages
  • Entertainment and Catering and Menu Planning
  • Lights, Sounds and Technology
  • Décor Set-Up and Set Designing
  • Trousseau
  • Photography, Video and Choreography
  • Destination Weddings
  • Wedding Budgets
  • Vendor Management, Licenses and Permissions

This course will be taught using activity-based learning. Through a series of hands-on assignments, you will apply what you are learning to assure that you understand and can design and manage wedding events. Learning activities will be supplemented by mini-lectures, field trips and interactions with industry professionals.


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