Why Choose ISDI CE

Valuable Learning

Courses at ISDI focus on the skills you need to succeed, and nothing else. Individual and group projects allow you to practice what you are learning as you go. A certificate from ISDI shows that you have learned something of value.

Practical Learning

Learning is only useful when you can put the new knowledge to work. Courses at ISDI are hands-on, so that you can apply the skills you learn in your work and your life.

Rapid Learning

Our revolutionary, modular design lets you master useful skills in short, in-depth sessions instead of long seminars or lectures.

Interactive Learning

People learn by doing more than by listening, so courses at ISDI are active and participatory. You’ll contribute and share, and you’ll learn from others, not just the facilitator.

Convenient Learning

Our flexible evening and weekend schedules fit with your busy calendar. Attend on the days and times that work best for you.

Learning Designed for You

Our courses are prepared according to the principles of Design Thinking, a customer-centered approach. Everything is done with you in mind.